Mennonite Community Church



“True evangelical faith cannot lie dormant...

It clothes the naked,
it feeds the hungry,
it comforts the sorrowful,
it shelters the destitute,
it serves those that harm it,
it binds up that which is wounded,

it has become all things to all people.” — Menno Simons


Mennonites Are...

Part of the Anabaptist
Faith Tradition

One of the three original Historic Peace Church Denominations


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Mennonite Community Church


Who will you meet?

  • Smiling, friendly faces...
  • Teachers, nurses, lawyers, construction workers, doctors, electricians, librarians, office workers...
  • Young and old, married and single...
  • Common, ordinary folks, just like you...
  • All with a warm welcome!

Welcome to Mennonite Community Church!

We are a Christian community rooted in the Anabaptist faith tradition. We embrace the rich cultural diversity of our multi-ethnic community. Through worship and community service we endeavor to extend God's love to our congregation, to our community, and to the world.

All are welcome!

We are a casual group; our concern is about relationships, not appearances! We are interested in what it means to follow Jesus. No matter where you are in your faith journey, we invite you to walk with us, as together we seek to become channels of God's grace, wisdom and peace in our community.

COVID-19 response — Our face-to-face worship service for fully vaccinated symptom-free people is at 10:45 AM on Sunday. Masks are encouraged but not required. You may also participate interactively in the service via Zoom. Sunday School for children and adults is face-to-face at 9:30 Sunday mornings. For more information please contact our office.

Mennonite Community Church

Founded 1954

Member of the  Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference

Affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA