Mennonite Community Church



“True evangelical faith cannot lie dormant...

It clothes the naked,
it feeds the hungry,
it comforts the sorrowful,
it shelters the destitute,
it serves those that harm it,
it binds up that which is wounded,

it has become all things to all people.” — Menno Simons


Mennonites Are...

Part of the Anabaptist
Faith Tradition

One of the three original Historic Peace Church Denominations


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Mennonite Community Church

Hans Denck
(c. 1495 – Nov. 27, 1527)

Denck, who was born in 1495 and died of bubonic plague in 1527, was recognized by his contemporaries as a spiritual leader of the emerging Swiss/ South German Anabaptist movement. Denck's belief that the inner Word is the ultimate Truth, offers wisdom for modern Mennonites — both as a denomination and as individuals.

What We Believe...

“No one can know Christ unless they follow after him in life, and no one can follow him unless they know him.” — Hans Denck

We are followers of Jesus. We believe that Jesus is the Lord of our lives — the one we seek to follow in everyday life, the one whose Spirit gives us life and strength.

We believe that our relationship with God is life's highest priority. Another value is love for our neighbor, near or far. We find hope in God's eternal kingdom, yet we respond to Christ's call to build God's kingdom on earth, today.

We seek to be faithful to God's word as found in the Bible. Our actions may not always meet our ideals, yet we seek...

  • arrow Community   in a world of loneliness

  • arrow Forgiveness   in a world of wrong

  • arrow Sharing   in a world of need

  • arrow Healing   in a world of brokenness

  • arrow Peace   in a world of conflict.


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