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Mission Statement

We are a Christian community of believers who come together to grow in understanding and faith in Christ through prayer, study, worship and fellowship. We believe it is important to study and interpret together the Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to integrate it in our lives and to encourage and to care for each other. We have chosen to affiliate with the Anabaptist/Mennonite community of churches, which is one of many faith communities in the Christian Church

We seek to fulfill Christ's final instructions (Matt. 28:19-20) to tell others of the love and forgiveness of God as we have experienced it through Jesus Christ, to welcome all believers into the fellowship of the Church and to learn together with them to follow Christ's way. Christ's way includes working for peace and reconciliation among all people, and in all relationships. It means to reach out in words and actions to minister to those with needs, especially to the sick, the hungry, and the strangers.


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